Shit is real

terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

"The exception to this concept is Pokémon Yellow, where players are given a Pikachu, the Electric-type mouse Pokémon famous for being the mascot of the Pokémon media franchise, who walks along behind them.The rival trainer receives an Eevee, a Normal-type Pokémon."
Ok.. I've been thinking about this.. every evolution game or new game they release, they like to randomize new starting pokemons.. I'd like to know your oppinion on this guise.. What do you think about starting pokemon and which ones you think you should be able to choose! Comments please, i want to know everybody's opinion!
So guys, thank you for all those posts and love, it has been really cool to know there are a lot of poke fans around :)
I'd like to thank Ion Vash for teaching me how to put a youtube video withtout having to redirect a link etc, it was really nice, thank you
Also, look what i found! Isn't cute? I'd sure have this mew even if it wasn't a pokemon lol
I gotta go to school now, but when i'm back i'll spread some love and post more :)
i'm sooo happy guys!

segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Classic opening video

> Poke Video <
So, i wanted to share with you that classic video of those 2 guys singing pokemon opening theme
aren't they cute?
So, just click the link and get redirected. This one is too cool to miss, i still love it.

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

She likes it yellow

We sure have a lot of things to say, but it wouldn't be new if all this was just a thing which could be described aswell.
And it's not that random, brothers, she just likes it yellow.
Care to give her a hug?
I used Charmander plushie because i didn't found one of the three new Pokémon starters ç.ç I hope i'll do new photos