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domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

The best way to buy pokeballs

Ok, pretty much the title is almost saying it all. I felt like talking about this because a friend was ripped off in toys r us. Its simple to get some.. So as want to go far and capture high leveis, best way to buy is fly to one of the later stages town and fill your pockets with ultra balls!

Also: someone said he missed me etc.. well, i dont always post but im always here! So keep it up! (;

12 comentários:

  1. Oh it's THE GAME

    I was confused for a minute :)

  2. nice blog, check mine bro

  3. I'm with KC here... it's only in the game!?

  4. Hey Great Post Man! Just Passing By Your Blog To Show Some Support Take Care.

  5. I remember my days.. when Pokemon was life and I day Dreamed about it.

  6. Really? My favorite pokeballs are white diamond pokeballs (; Or dragonfly pokeballs. Try em. The best around..

    Great blog, supportin yah bro!